Sunday, April 24, 2011

Analyzing Artifacts of a Subculture

For this activity you’ll focus on the artifacts that seem central to the subculture you are
studying, and you will try to analyze what those artifacts reflect about the subculture.
Choose three artifacts from the subculture you are studying.

Booze, cigarettes

Explain why you chose the objects you did.
I choose these because they reflect  this group of girls. They are also the stereotype to this group so I think it would be good to touch on these items.

What do you already know about this object? How does that affect your interpretation of its significance in the subculture?
Phones are used to communicate with friends. Makeup is used to make girls look older or better. Booze and cigarettes are a sign of rebellion. Most high school girls have phones, wear makeup, and have used alcohol but these girls do it to the extreme. This is what defines their subculture.

How is it connected to the other artifacts you’ve collected?
All of these are connected because they involve partying, rebellion, and friends.

Think about the values this artifact reflects for this subculture. What are they?
These reflect that these girls value what they look like, who they are with and their social lives a lot. Basically they like to have a good time and don’t care what others thing about.

How is this object used in the subculture? What does that tell you about its significance and the value it has for the group?
I think that the better the phone, the better you look the more parties you go to and the more friends you have in the group the better. They want the new things and to be liked by everyone.

What research might you do on the object's history? uses?
I think I could research the significance of makeup and stereotypes about it and what it says about people.
Phones are very social devices. I could research their impact on people. Maybe for the interview I could ask the girls how many texts the use a month and so forth.

Then, in the space below, finish the following sentence for each of the three artifacts you
have chosen:
The three (or more) most important things this artifact tells me about this
subculture are they are social, they are rebels, they care about what they look like because the other girls in the group do that too, they follow one another and what the media says is ‘in’.

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